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Revolutionizing Home Improvement: Roomsmith's Digital Marketing Transformation

Catapulted a New “Boring Business” Player to Industry Prominence


Roomsmith, a budding home improvement and professional services company based in Twin Cities, Minnesota, faced a common challenge in the industry: distinguishing themselves in a crowded market. With an innovative vision for ready-to-go room additions and high-end home renovations, they needed a strategy that would not only differentiate them from competitors, but also highlight their unique value proposition.


As newcomers in the competitive home improvement landscape, Roomsmith struggled to stand out. Their initial focus on basic Google Ads provided little differentiation from numerous similar businesses. Their goal was not just visibility, but to establish themselves as a unique, high-end service provider in a "sea of sameness."


Duo stepped in with a transformative approach, applying B2B technology and product marketing tactics to a professional service SMB. This innovative strategy included:

  • Revamped Branding and Creative Ad Development: Upgrading Roomsmith's overall branding and ad creatives to reflect their high-end service quality.
  • Optimized Landing Page Design: Creating a clean, engaging landing page that offered a compelling lead intake experience, unlike any of their competitors' outdated website designs and lead forms.
  • Integration of Advanced Technology: Utilizing Typeform for a unique lead intake experience that improved customer interaction and engagement.
  • Comprehensive Digital Marketing Mix: Leveraging both Google Ads and Facebook remarketing to reach a wider, more targeted audience.

Visual/Multimedia Suggestion: Before-and-after images of Roomsmith's projects, showcasing the transformation facilitated by duo's marketing strategies.


The results were remarkable:

  • Significant Lead Generation: Increased total qualified leads by 540%.
  • Substantial Revenue Growth: Generated over $300,000 in closed revenue and over $1,000,000 in pipeline revenue within the first 90 days.
  • Enhanced Client Experience: Achieved overwhelmingly positive client engagement and satisfaction.


"From the very start, there was a sense of genuine partnership opportunity—Duo felt like straight shooters willing to solve problems together for the long haul... Our relationship delivers that kind of thoughtful leadership."

Eric Smith | Founder, CEO

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