What’s in duo’s Paid Social Playbook & Asset Tracker?

A tool for winning paid social? ✅ The secret sauce to hitting your SQL goals? ✅ Organizational symmetry and happiness? ✅ And more? ✅

Paid Social Playbook

Get access to dozens of proven ad concepts and hit your marketing goals with duo’s full-funnel strategy for paid social.

Asset Repository

Keep track of all copy and creative design within one easy-to-manage Notion database (no more searching through Google Docs folders and Figma files).

Project Roadmap

Manage the deployment of your ad assets and keep your project on track with a responsive Gantt chart linked to asset rollout dates.

Awareness Ad Storyboard

Categorize your ad assets and visualize your ad strategy within the Five Stages of Awareness (unaware, problem aware, solution aware, product aware, most aware).

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