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Using Targeted B2B and B2C Strategies To Market a Product from All Angles


Medflyt, an innovative home care management software provider, was at a pivotal point in its journey when they partnered with duo. Despite having a unique edge in the market, inconsistent sales processes and a lack of comprehensive marketing initiatives were really impacting their growth. This case study explores how Medflyt partnered with duo Strategy to overcome these hurdles, embarking on an omni-channel lead generation approach that not only weathered the storm of COVID-19 but also helped the brand become stronger and more resilient.

Challenge: Stalled Growth Despite Market Potential

Medflyt's journey before 2019 was marked by unfulfilled potential. Hindered by irregular sales tactics and limited marketing efforts, the company struggled to effectively reach its two crucial audiences: home care agency executives (B2B) and caregivers (B2C).

Solution: A Tailored Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy

B2B Executives and Decision Makers:

  • LinkedIn & Google Ads: Focused on engaging agency executives and decision makers
  • Cold Email and Nurturing Campaigns: Crafted to build and maintain relationships with potential B2B clients


  • Facebook Marketing: A bottom-up approach targeting caregivers, the end-users, proving highly effective in influencing decision-makers within the organizations

Additional strategies included:

  • Webinars and Training Courses: Offering valuable content to establish Medflyt as a thought leader
  • COVID-19 Adaptation: Development of courses for caregiver certification during the pandemic, boosting Medflyt's visibility and desirability

Results: A New Trajectory of Success

  • 231% Increase in Demos: Signifying a surge in both market interest and engagement
  • 4:1 Return on Ad Spend: Maintained throughout our partnership, indicating efficient marketing investments
  • 24.1% Average Landing Page Conversion Rate: Highlighting the effectiveness of the courses and marketing content
  • 2020 MassChallenge Healthtech Award: Awarded Gold in the 2020 MassChallenge Healthtech accelerator program that recognizes the most innovative technology to improve overall patient experience and tackle healthcare's largest hurdles


"Working with duo has opened up and created a whole new world for Medflyt. For anyone looking to expand their business and create new opportunities with a team of hands-on experts... I highly recommend working with duo Strategy. For Medflyt, it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve made as a company."

Omer Klein, CEO and Founder, Medflyt

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