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Our first step in determining the perfect marketing mix for your business is to execute A/B and multivariate testing across several marketing channels to uncover key metrics about your target market that will be used to drive future marketing decisions and strategy.


Once we’ve uncovered the key metrics and most effective campaign variables from our testing phase, our next step is to implement these findings into a larger scale marketing initiative designed to reach your business’ goals; more sales, lead submissions, brand awareness, email signups — any measurable action that advances your company to the next level. 


Our final step revolves around identifying additional channels and methods to scale online marketing efforts. Although this is the final step in our process, the process itself must continue on in order to truly implement a sustainable marketing strategy. Perpetual testing of new concepts and variables, optimization, and scaling, is the only way to continuously compete at the highest level and dominate your industry. 
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"Working with Grant and Taylor has opened up and created a whole new world for Medflyt. They are a team of hands-on experts that have a full 360 degree view of all marketing tools — social media advertising, web design, SEM, marketing automation, email marketing, and content creation. They helped us expand our business and create new opportunities in the places we weren't able to before. For Medflyt, it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve made as a company."

Omer Klein

Founder, Product Manager | Medflyt
Strategy & Execution
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"The Duo Strategy team exceeded our expectations. Their patience, communication level, and thorough planning helped us surpass our monthly acquisition goal by more than 230%! They understood our ideas and user acquisition objectives, strategized around it, and broke it down into mini-milestones. After building our growth from the ground up, Taylor and Grant didn't stop there. They always made sure to find opportunities to improve our processes; they bring creativity and consistency while tackling initiatives. The Duo Strategy team is by far the most versatile and effective marketing team Stoovo has worked with."

Hantz Févry

Founder, CEO | Stoovo
Strategy & Execution
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“It’s been a great experience working with Duo Strategy over the past 3 months. Taylor and Grant consistently think outside the box and contribute new ideas. They have helped build our growth engine from the ground up while making the budget we have always work. When you work directly with Grant & Taylor, you get the relationship of an in house hire, but the firepower of an entire team.”

Trevor Laehy

Co-Founder | Yaza
Strategy & Execution
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"Grant & Taylor are truly experts in their craft of putting compelling ads in front of the right people. They've helped us at Defendry to bring in leads consistently and continually refine our messaging to tell the right story. It's an honor to have them on our team."

Kyle Malkin

Director of Marketing, Defendry
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"Duo Strategy helped us jumpstart both our digital and print marketing, while refining who we were as a brand. Taylor and Grant are flexible, efficient, and always looking for ways to help."

Julian King

Founder, Partner | King & Siegel LLP
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