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We’re Obsessed With The Client Experience.


Rated 5 Stars on Clutch and recognized as one of the top B2B marketing companies in LA.

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Exceptional Marketing Stems From Exceptional Collaboration.

Many B2B companies think when they hire a marketing agency their growth problems are solved.

Achieving sustainable growth can feel complex and frustrating. Sales cycles are long, deals are big, and competitors are fierce.

Remarkable B2B growth requires a remarkable team working collaboratively. A team that finds unique and innovative ways to set you apart from competitors.

Our team doesn’t just manage campaigns. We peel back the layers of your business and work together to build a sustainable growth strategy that produces customers.

At the heart of duo is the client experience—your experience.

We're founded on the belief that trust and collaboration with your marketing partner is essential for successful growth.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

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Get a no-risk engagement with duo if you are deemed a fit for our PMF guarantee.

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Our Solution
Client-First Acquisition

A 4-phase journey that guides you from insights to infrastructure to campaigns that delight and generate customers.

The Workshop

Strategy Development

Our journey begins with a discovery call that's more workshop than a mere kickoff. We are there to soak up everything about your business, your story, and the things you do differently so we can truly move the needle for growth.

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Solving for the Long Term

CRM Infrastructure & Alignment

“Can’t measure it, can’t manage it.” Attributed leads are cool, attributed revenue is way cooler. We have learned that aligning sales and marketing on lead quality in your CRM is crucial. CRM hygiene is one of the most overlooked processes in growth for early stage and large companies alike, which is why it’s one of the first stages of our process.

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High-Level Execution

Campaign Development

Where the assets for all of your campaigns are designed, recorded, written, placed, drafted, redone, thrown in the trash, taken back out of the trash, and launched. This is where everything begins to take flight. We can keep you as close or as far away from this process as you want to be—every step of the way.

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Testing, Optimizing, Scaling

If you work in marketing, you have probably seen these words together in some form or another—Test, Optimize, Scale. They make up the most used 3-step process amongst any marketing organization. Our team has spent years on these essential practices. The preceding stages in our process are designed to lay the groundwork for this crucial phase ensuring TOS not only functions, but excels.

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c  challenges, it’s time
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You’re overwhelmed with complex marketing for complex products


You’re struggling to generate and convert leads effectively


You’ve worked with an agency that didn’t understand your business problem


You are struggling to understand how to calculate marketing ROI


You have tried tactics, but are lacking a cohesive strategy


You are constrained by in-house marketing resources

Driven By One Principle.
Adding Value.

You Get A Strategist, Not Another Account Manager

Our partners don’t value us for management, they value us for solutions. We don’t just check boxes, we collaborate with your team to diagnose and solve growth problems.

High-Level Execution,
Exceptional Results

We take pride in pushing the teams we work with to the next level. Sustainable growth starts with highly coordinated execution.

Uncover Your
Competitive Edge

There might be a few or few thousand companies that do what you do. Maybe even better than you do. That’s okay. We’ll help you find an advantage that sets you apart.

Is Our Core

We aren’t just an “input-output” agency. We collaborate closely with Founders, CMOs, Directors of Marketing, and Marketing Managers to design and implement scalable acquisition systems — together.

We Are In the
Relationship Business

We have a high standard for client performance and an even higher standard for client satisfaction. Ask our clients.

We Are Needs Driven,
No Upsells

We focus on solving the right issues, not just offering services. We dig into your problems and will find solutions inside and outside our scope of work.

We Don’t Just Support Marketing Teams We Help Build Them

We are aware that contracted marketing teams can be a means to an end. We will help you lay the foundation or scale up, even if that includes hiring and training our in-house replacements.

our Partners

"We’ve had more closed deals this year in January than all of Q1 last year combined."

Kristen Lawrence
Head of Marketing at RedFlag
1 / 5

” The caliber of duo’s work is so good working with them pushes our entire team to be better. ”

David Emanual
CEO, Founder at VectorCare
2/ 5

“What I like most about duo boils down to competence. They are organized, competent, creative, and collaborative—just 10 out of 10.”

Matt Fruge
CEO, Founder at SquareDash
3 / 5

"With duo, you get the relationship of an in-house hire, but the firepower of an entire team.”

Trevor Laehy
President, Founder at Yaza
4/ 5

“The most versatile & effective marketing team we've worked with.”

Hantz Févry
CEO, Founder at Stoovo
5 / 5

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