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Transforming the Dropshipping Industry through Strategic Ad Spend and Tailored Google Ads Campaigns


Women's fashion is always evolving, and wholesale is no different. Trendsi offers an innovative, free-to-use dropshipping platform that works to democratize fashion retail. However, despite their groundbreaking approach, Trendsi faced significant hurdles in scaling their advertising efforts without compromising lead quality. This case study details Trendsi's partnership with duo to overhaul their advertising strategy with a comprehensive approach that lead to unparalleled growth and lead optimization.

Challenge: Navigating the Scale-Without-Fail Paradox

Trendsi's ambition to scale was held back by a double-edged sword: the need to increase ad spend while maintaining, if not improving, the quality of leads. Past attempts to widen their advertising reach resulted in diminished lead quality, revealing a lack of cohesive strategy in their marketing efforts. The absence of an end-to-end, full-funnel acquisition approach left Trendsi in serious need of a transformative strategy that could help them scale with efficiency.

Solution: A Tactical Turnaround with Google Ads and CRM Integration

First, we did a meticulous competitor analysis to identify key opportunities within the market. The insights led us to refine our Google Ads approach and target high-intent keywords that promised direct contributions to Trendsi's bottom line. We soon discovered Trendsi's highest value clients were Shopify store owners and made a strategic pivot toward targeting this segment with our marketing efforts.

The solution encompassed a series of tactical adjustments, including:

  • Refinement of the Sign-Up Process: Streamlining Trendsi's sign-up flow to better capture and engage Shopify store owners.
  • Targeted Google Ads Campaigns: Deploying Google Ads specifically designed to attract Shopify store owners, leveraging 'power conversions' to signal high-quality leads.
  • CRM Optimization: Enhancing the use of HubSpot, Trendsi's CRM, to track and nurture leads more effectively, especially those indicating high-value Shopify store owners.

Results: A Triumph in Targeting and Conversion

The strategic overhaul manifested in staggering success metrics:

  • Enhanced Lead Quality: 20% of all leads captured were Shopify store owners, directly contributing to revenue growth.
  • Stellar ROAS: Achieved and sustained a 5:1 return on ad spend, even while tripling the ad budget from $10,000 to $40,000 per month.
  • Conversion Rate Surge: The average conversion rate on our landing pages soared above 13%, with overall high-quality sign-ups increasing by 1,376%.

Mastering the Art of Precision Marketing

Trendsi's journey from facing scale-induced inefficiency to redefining the parameters of successful digital advertising epitomizes the power of strategic precision. Duo helped blaze a trail for Trendsi's sustained growth through data-backed analysis, targeted ad campaign strategies, and expert tactical maneuvering. This case study not only highlights the tactical prowess required in today's digital marketing landscape, but also underscores the remarkable value of understanding and targeting high-quality lead segments.


“We were quickly blown away by the quality of leads generated. Duo took complete ownership of our ad campaigns and delivered fantastic results that have remained consistent for over 6 months now.”

Ella Zhang | CEO, Founder | Trendsi

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