We Help B2B Companies Tell Better Stories Through Paid Advertising

Cut through the noise and become the top choice for your target prospects before they even start the buying process.

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5-Star Reviews

Discover Your Pathway to Sustainable Revenue Growth

We’ll help your organization launch and scale revenue programs that generate traction with the top 20% of your target market.

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Revenue-Driven Strategy

Build your acquisition strategy and work closely with a team of seasoned marketing experts to refine key marketing initiatives and promote cross-team collaboration.

Lead Optimization

Leverage AI and machine learning to power audience targeting and ensure your business is getting in front of the right buyers with the right message.

Sales X Marketing Alignment

Unite your sales and marketing teams around performance metrics that result in qualified pipeline growth and closed revenue.

Systematic Data Analysis & Benchmarking

Streamline decision-making and optimize faster with a holistic view of performance across your entire revenue system.

Pipeline Forecasting

Set realistic revenue targets and gain an understanding of the roadblocks in your funnel with data-driven projections.

Product Positioning & Offer Creation

Stand out from the crowd and clearly communicate your product’s value to your target market with compelling content and intriguing offers.

Customer Stories

B2B software company specializing in emergency notification solutions for companies of all sizes.

Reduced Cost Per Lead
Sales Qualified Leads
Increase In Closed Revenue
Organic Search Traffic
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B2B SaaS company specializing in fashion dropshipping solutions for
e-commerce and Shopify store owners.

Return On Ad Spend
Increase in New Users
Rated Fashion Dropshipping Company
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B2B SaaS company specializing in shipping solutions for e-commerce store owners and SMBs.

CVR into Qualified Leads
Return on Investment
Happy customers
5-star reviews

B2B software company specializing in home care management solutions for home health care.

Increase in Demos
Return on Ad Spend
Landing Page CVR
5-star reviews

B2C home improvement company specializing in solar and roofing solutions for homeowners living in the Pacific Northwest.

Increase In CVR
Return On Investment
New Markets Established
5-star reviews
Is Your Acquisition Funnel Failing You?

Lack of Resources & Overwhelmed?

Feeling Like Small Fish In a Big Pond?

Having a Hard Time Scaling While Maintaining Performance?

Wasting Your Sales Team’s Time with Unqualified, ‘Bad’ Leads

Starving for a Fresh Perspective & New Ideas?

Leads from Social Not Translating to Qualified Pipeline?

The  Solution

A Proven Process for Revenue Growth

Build pipeline that converts using duo’s Blended Growth Method.

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Audit your current revenue programs, dive deep into your ICP, and build your business’ roadmap to scalable growth.


Bring your business’ unique story and category to life with compelling digital advertisements and customer experiences designed to educate and convert.


Design and launch full-funnel acquisition strategies across ad channels—uncovering positive signals that correlate with pipeline production and revenue creation.


Systematically improve campaign performance through Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and quarterly performance assessments that leverage revenue data to cut through misleading vanity metrics.


Add fuel to the revenue-generating fire of your biggest winners with account based marketing (ABM) strategies designed to more effectively engage key accounts.

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Batman & Robin
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The world is brimming with memorable duos. Here are a few reasons why we’re pushing to be included in the conversation.

Performance-Based Engagements

ROI Focused Partnerships

Best-In-Class Client Service

Agile & Accessible Team

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What Our Clients Are Saying
"Duo has been an excellent lead gen partner for us. They are so quick to optimize, pivot, and change up their acquisition strategies, and the results have been great."
Kristen Lawrence
Head of Marketing
"Working with the team at duo has been great. They're very cross-functional, so the copy, branding and ad campaign all mesh together perfectly."
John Luke
CEO, Founder
"We couldn’t be happier with our new website! DuoStrategy’s systematic approach really helped us narrow down our ideas and bring our story to life. As a result, we’ve generated several conversations with our dream prospects."
Sophie Lezama
Director of Growth
"We were quickly blown away by the quality of leads duo generated. They took complete ownership of our ad campaigns and delivered fantastic results that have remained consistent for over 6 months now."
Ella Zhang
CEO, Founder
"They adapt to change and proactively improve performance and approach to growth campaigns — I definitely recommend them as my go-to agency for growth marketing."
Peter Ward
CEO, Founder
"Duo immediately felt like part of our core team, their proactive and responsive approach is exactly what a fast moving organization like ours needed."
Vadim Revzin
"You get the relationship of an in house hire, but the firepower of an entire team."
Trevor Laehy
President, Founder
"Working with Grant and Taylor has opened up and created a whole new world for Medflyt."
Omer Klein
Product, Founder
"They are well-organized, data-driven, and a pleasant team to work with. "
Mark Begert
CEO, Co-Founder
Our Superpowers

Our superpowers have been curated and refined to help B2B software companies integrate winning revenue systems into their organizations through systematic and scientific methods.

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Demand Generation + Demand Capture

Content Strategy
We help uncover the content topics your target buyers are most interested in through our extensive customer research framework that kicks off the strategy process.

Social Media Advertising
We build awareness and generate demand for your solution with relevant and targeted paid advertising campaigns across the most prominent social channels for B2B businesses: Linkedin, Meta, and Twitter.

Search Engine Marketing
We design and develop conversion-focused paid advertising funnels on Google to capture relevant search intent and generate qualified pipeline.

Tracking & Attribution
Marketing efficiency starts with the measurement and collection of accurate data.We set up and configure your attribution infrastructure to collect quantitative and qualitative data—driving smart optimizations and strategy adjustments.

Performance Reporting
If marketing efficiency starts with accurate data, marketing analysis begins with reporting. We provide week-over-week campaign reporting to keep track of your revenue program’s most vital marketing KPIs.

Customer Acquisition Experiences

B2B Copywriting & Value Creation
With a team of expert copywriters trained in the art of value creation, we refine your value proposition and motivate your most coveted prospects to take action.

Landing Page Design & Development
Using your existing brand as a starting point, we design and develop modern landing pages and lead flows that convert at a high level..

Content Development
We repurpose new and existing content for paid media distribution—providing your target buyers with relevant information designed to increase sales velocity.

Creative Asset Development
From static ads to graphic illustrations, GIFs, and eBooks, we create digital assets that positively reflect your brand and capture the attention of your target audience.

Conversion Rate Optimization

A/B & Multivariate Testing
In order to uncover the variables that produce the most significant increases in performance, we implement systematic tests across your campaigns—determining ‘winners & losers’ and providing insight into your most effective revenue generators.

Lead Intake Experiences
We optimize the collection of prospect information by designing seamless, conversion-focused lead intake experiences and forms.

Power Conversions
We leverage AI and machine learning to supercharge your ad targeting and increase the total number of conversions created with the top 20% of your target market.


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Check out some of the most frequently
asked questions below for the goods on working with duo.

How do I know whether my business is a good fit for duo?

We specialize in working with B2B software companies who need help generating a consistent and predictable flow of qualified leads. More specifically, if your business:

1) Has trouble hitting revenue goals;
2) Struggles with knowing what strategy and campaigns to prioritize; and/or
3) Doesn’t have the bandwidth to prioritize the optimization of your revenue systems;

duo is the right fit for you!

How much does duo cost?

Duo’s cost depends on the scope of the engagement! Once we’ve had a chance to speak with you and learn more about your business, we’ll put together a custom proposal that outlines our services and illustrates the roadmap we’ll follow to reach your revenue goals.

What are the agreement terms?

We offer both quarterly and annual agreements.

When can I expect to see results?

Over the first 45 days we’ll conduct a business audit, refine your product positioning and offer, design and develop all necessary digital assets, and get your campaigns live. From there, we’ll begin the experimentation and optimization process, and start seeing cost-effective results around the 60-90 day mark.

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