What Makes Our Acquisition Strategy So Remarkable?

Scalable growth occurs at the crossroads of awareness and distribution. At duo, we fuel this collaboration with full-funnel strategies and harmonious execution.

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Adapt Or Die — Marketing is Changing.

Modern buyers need modern customer journeys. Stay ahead of the competition and unlock scalable growth with a marketing partner that knows what’s coming next.

Lead Gen Growth
Blended Growth
Focuses on 3% of Your Audience
Focuses on 100% of Your Audience
Only focuses on the 3% of your audience ready to buy now
Builds full-funnel strategies to engage the 3% of buyers ready to buy now AND nurture the 97% of buyers who will look to make a purchase sometime in the future
Creates the Lowest Cost Lead
Creates the Highest Quality Lead
Optimizes campaigns to acquire any and all leads at the lowest possible cost
Optimizes campaigns to acquire SQLs with a high likelihood of converting into revenue
Steals Competitor Demand
Creates New Demand
Copies competitor tactics and runs competitor brand name campaigns to compete
Educates prospects on your unique selling proposition to create a new category
Attributes Everything to Ad Channels
CRM & Ad Channel Attribution
Relies solely on attribution software and ad channel data to evaluate performance
Uses a blended attribution model that takes into consideration revenue data to evaluate performance
Creates Friction to Collect Emails
Removes All Friction for Consumption
Gates all assets and feeds your sales team unqualified, mediocre leads
Focuses on the consumption of your message and tells a story
Sales Wants Deals, Marketing Wants Leads
Sales & Marketing Want Revenue
Creates misalignment between sales and marketing
Aligns sales and marketing by centering efforts around a common KPI (Qualified Pipeline Growth)
Prospects Who Are Shopping Around
Prospects Who Are Ready to Buy
Generates leads whose primary buying evaluation revolves around competitor comparisons
Generates leads who understand your USP and are ready to buy
Ignores the Impact of Dark Social
Utilizes Qualitative & Quantitative Data
...and does not capture qualitative data
...to guide campaign optimizations and drive new strategy
Scaling is Difficult
Scaling is Possible
...due to a reliance on buyers with intent
Creates demand for your solution, which makes scaling possible
The  Solution

A Proven Process for Revenue Growth

Build pipeline that converts with duo’s Blended Growth Method.

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ICP Research & Strategy

The key to any successful marketing campaign is knowing who you’re marketing to. To answer this question, we conduct thorough research of your target market—identifying content they consume, problems they encounter, features they find valuable, things they like and dislike about competitor solutions, and more.

With the ICP research complete, we apply our learnings to duo’s battle-tested paid advertising playbooks to craft a unique and winning acquisition strategy for your business.

The 5-Levels of Awareness

Our ad strategies are built around Eugene Schwartz’s 5 Levels of Awareness—Unaware, Problem Aware, Solution Aware, Product Aware, and Most Aware.

Each ad we craft will fall into one of these awareness buckets to seamlessly move your target prospects from unknowing strangers to new customers.

Remarkable Landing Pages

We build our landing pages on Webflow. Provide seamless desktop, mobile, and tablet experiences.

And present your solution in an engaging format that blends digestible copy and stunning visuals.

Power Conversions

A lead form submission is nice, but what we really want are people who turn into Booked Calls, SQLs, and Revenue.

Believe it or not, ad channel algorithms want to do a good job for you, they just need a little training—so we only tell them they are doing a “good job” when they bring in high-quality conversions or Power Conversions.

Qualitative & Quantitative Reporting

Marketing data attribution can be extremely complex. Complex problems sometimes require simple solutions. Ours? We ask everyone who completes a high-intent lead form how they found us—and value their self reported customer journey as an insightful data point when analyzing campaign performance and developing new strategy.

The most versatile & effective marketing team we've worked with.

Their patience, communication, and planning led us to exceed our acquisition goal by 230%! They understood our objectives, strategized, and consistently improved processes. Duo is the most versatile and effective marketing team we've worked with at Stoovo.

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They’ve cut our CPL in half.

Duo has been an excellent lead gen partner for us. They are quick to optimize, pivot, and change up their acquisition strategies, and the results have been great. In 6 months, they’ve cut our CPL in half and delivered more SQLs than we’ve ever had—3.9x as much revenue than our previous paid efforts!

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Clearly, their process works.

Working with the team at duo has been great. They’re very cross-functional, so the copy, branding, and ad campaign all mesh together perfectly. We’re converting leads at under $2, which is pretty unheard of for fintech, so we couldn’t be happier! Clearly, their process works.

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Proactively improve performance and approach to growth

Taylor and Grant are consummate professionals, who are a pleasure to work with. They adapt, improve, and receive feedback well. Highly recommend duo Strategy as my go-to agency for growth marketing.

One of the best decisions we’ve made as a company.

Working with Duo opened up a new world for Medflyt. They’re hands-on experts in all things marketing, creating new opportunities for business expansion. One of the best decisions we’ve made as a company.

The relationship of an in-house hire, but the firepower of an entire team

Great experience with Duo Strategy. They think outside the box, contribute new ideas, and built our growth engine from scratch. An in-house relationship feel with the firepower of an entire team.

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