How we used Google Ads to 4X Trendsi’s user acquisition efforts in under 2 months time

Acquisition Marketing

Landing Pages

Trendsi is a women’s fashion supplier and fulfilment platform for dropshippers—providing ecommerce store owners with high-quality, trendy products to sell online. In order to scale growth, Trendsi needed to identify cost effective channels to drive qualified leads
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the Goal

Trendsi’s goal was to test the viability of Google Ads as a scalable acquisition channel, while determining the most cost effective and efficient way to onboard new users from the paid funnel.

the Strategy

Duo Strategy designed and developed a conversion optimized landing page to specifically appeal to Trendsi’s most profitable customers. Once developed, duo created and managed a Google Ads campaign based on competitor and keyword research—funneling traffic to the landing page and optimizing spend based on keyword performance.

the Results

Trendsi acquired 4X more sign-ups than anticipated and added Google Ads as a permanent channel in their marketing mix. Duo successfully leveraged high-performing keywords and Dynamic Search Ads to achieve a 16.15% conversion rate and <$1.00 CPC.
Landing page CVR
Cost Per Sign-up

Ella Zhang

CEO, Founder

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