How we established product-market fit for FabuLingua’s Teacher Module

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Acquisition Marketing

FabuLingua is a language learning platform designed to teach children Spanish through creative storytelling and engaging comprehension games. In preparation for the launch of their newly developed Teacher Module, FabuLingua wanted to build a waiting list of Spanish teachers to gather audience data and build anticipation for the launch.
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the Goal

FabuLingua’s goal was to gather enough data to determine product-market fit and drive prospective FabuLingua Teacher Module users to join the waiting list. Once on the waiting list, FabuLingua sought to nurture email subscribers with insightful and relevant content—keeping FabuLingua top-of-mind for all waiting list subscribers.

the Strategy

Duo Strategy designed and implemented a hyper-targeted Facebook and Instagram campaign that leveraged FabuLingua’s innovative approach to language learning and eye-catching brand to generate waiting list sign ups. We then developed an email marketing nurture campaign to stoke engagement and build anticipation for FabuLingua’s Teacher Platform launch.

the Results

FabuLingua generated over 500 waiting list subscribers with over 80% completing a demographic survey during the waiting list onboarding process. Additionally, waiting list subscribers remained highly-engaged throughout their email nurturing journey—maintaining a 34.40% open rate throughout the five-email, six-week waiting list nurture.
Waiting List Subscribers
Demographic Surveys
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Mark Begert


Well-organized, data-driven, and a pleasant team to work with.

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We hit the ground running with duo Strategy. duo quickly understood our product, market, and mission and was able to craft a marketing strategy and message to accomplish our specific goals. They are well-organized, data-driven, and a pleasant team to work with. that has been a great partner to FabuLingua.


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