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Why duoConnect?

With an average of 5-10 qualified leads for every 1,000 prospects engaged, duoConnect puts your business development efforts on autopilot and consistently drives predictable revenue. Whether you’re a freelancer looking to pick up a few extra jobs per month or a sales manager at a major corporation, duoConnect can provide you and your sales team with the solution you need to 10x your LinkedIn outreach and fuel growth.
Tired of spending countless hours calling, emailing, and messaging prospects with very little engagement or results? Schedule a demo with duoConnect today and turn your LinkedIn into a profit driving machine.

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36% average response rate once connected
10% - 15% average conversion rate for engaged prospects
The average American received less than 1 LinkedIn message per day in 2019
Requires very little time – duoConnect builds a list of qualified prospects, crafts personalized messages, and executes
Unresponsive connections unlock content marketing opportunities within LinkedIn – adding extra value
< 1% average response rate
1% - 5% average conversion rate for opened emails
The average American received more than 126 emails per day in 2019
Requires valuable time – You must build a list of qualified prospects, craft personalized messages, and execute
Unresponsive email recipients offer little benefit and do not provide any extra value

Why use LinkedIn?

With over 660+ million members worldwide, LinkedIn is the #1 network for B2B companies in the world. Put simply, if you’re not using LinkedIn to engage prospective clients, you’re losing out on sales.
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duoConnect Process


Build a targeted list of qualified prospects

The key to generating leads on LinkedIn is all in the list. Aided by an in-depth onboarding questionnaire and discovery call with you and your team, we develop a targeted list of your ideal prospects using 20+ advanced search filters that include:

  • Industry
  • Job title
  • Company size
  • Location
  • Years of experience
  • Profile keywords
  • Member groups
  • And much more

With over 61 million senior level influencers on LinkedIn, we’ll put you in prime position to engage with the prospects that truly matter when it comes to making a decision on your business.


Craft outbound messaging sequence to engage target prospects and get results

Creating effective connection requests and messaging sequences that drive prospects to engage requires three things:

  • Clear & concise messaging
  • Value-driven propositions
  • Systematic follow-ups

At duoConnect, we have years of experience crafting messaging that fuels engagement and inspires prospects to take action. 

After evaluating your business and target market, we’ll develop a 5 action sequence that speaks directly to your niche and delivers results.

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Launch duoConnect AI with target prospect list and outbound sequence

Once we’ve solidified your list of prospects and messaging sequence, our duoConnect automation is launched and will begin executing your outreach initiative. 

Operating within work hours and days pre-determined by you, the duoConnect AI executes the messaging sequence until a reply is detected. Once a prospect responds, LinkedIn will alert you of the engagement, and the sequence will be shut down — signaling you to go close the deal!


Refine targeting and messaging based on results to further increase output

Perpetual analysis and refinement of our clients’ outreach efforts is a fundamental pillar of duoConnect. We relentlessly strive to improve our service and results to ensure our clients are always in the best position possible to engage new prospects and drive revenue.

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What Our Clients Say

"After bringing on duoConnect, I added 10+ appointments to my calendar every month in less than an hour of actual work. Completely changed my business development strategy."
Head of Product | SaaS Company
"It’s been a pleasure working with Grant and Taylor at duoConnect. These guys built an excellent list of my prospective customers and put together a really nice sales script to drive engagement. 3 months in and 5 closed deals later, I’m really happy with the decision."
CEO, Founder | Public Relations Firm
"I’ve given services like duoConnect a chance in the past, but never had much success. Fortunately, I decided to give it one last try. Whatever these guys are doing, it’s working. My sales team sets 5 - 10 meetings a week thanks to these campaigns. Keep up the good work."
CEO | Construction Management Company
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