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July 2019 - November 2019
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The Problem

despite Defendry’s innovative life-saving technology, the relative newness of their solution has made generating leads and sales difficult.

Defendry’s AI-powered surveillance solution for businesses, schools, and houses of worship is emblematic of the future of security. This innovative technology will eventually be found all across the world as we search for more effective ways to protect people from crime and gun-related violence. However, despite the truly lifesaving nature of this technology, the relative newness of the solution had made generating leads and sales difficult.

As a result of this difficulty, Defendry brought on Duo to spearhead their initial marketing launch and test the viability of two key market segments — end-users vs. channel partners

The Solution

In order to uncover the most effective avenues to market Defendry online, we implemented the following strategy:

Executed lead generation campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn to hyper-targeted audiences that fell within our two key market segments (end-users and channel partners). 
Tested several different ad messages to identify the top-performing concepts
Utilized downloadable industry assets to drive email submissions and engagement
Promoted product video across Google and Facebook to increase brand awareness and leverage virality
Periodically refined marketing efforts based on campaign results to optimize ad spend and decrease cost per acquisition

Social Channel Success

"despite generating fewer leads than Facebook, LinkedIn and channel partners proved to be the most effective channel and target market to pursue"
LinkedIn Advertising | 90+ Leads Created | 5.37% Conversion Rate
Facebook Advertising | 400+ Leads Created | 3.43% Conversion Rate

Both Facebook and LinkedIn proved to be excellent sources of engagement and lead generation. As the primary channel used to reach end-users, Facebook successfully generated over 500 leads by leveraging a downloadable security checklist. However, although the campaign successfully generated brand awareness, engagement, and lead submissions, the leads were largely not the decision-makers we hoped to engage. Ultimately, this result rendered Facebook and end-users to be an unviable channel and target market to pursue.

On the other hand, LinkedIn successfully generated over 90 leads within our second key market segment, channel partners. And unlike the leads generated on Facebook, the relationships born from the LinkedIn campaign targeting channel partners successfully led to the acquisition of new business. Therefore, despite generating fewer leads than Facebook, LinkedIn and channel partners proved to be the most effective channel and target market to pursue for Defendry’s online marketing initiatives. 

Google Ads Lesson

Google Ads | 1,000,000+ Impressions | 6,000+ Website Sessions

"With a cost per lead nearly three times as much as Facebook and LinkedIn, it did not make sense to continue utilizing Google as a lead generation source."

It is worth noting that Defendry initially intended to dedicate a large percentage of their marketing budget to Google Ads. Through Google (Display, PPC, and YouTube ads), we successfully generated over 1,000,000 impressions and 6,000 website sessions.

However, we quickly learned that despite being a good tool for generating traffic and brand awareness, Google was not a viable channel for producing leads. With a cost per lead nearly three times as much as Facebook and LinkedIn, it did not make sense to continue utilizing Google as a lead generation source. Moreover, as a result of the knowledge gained from our test-centric approach, we were able to reallocate the marketing budget to more cost effective channels, thus saving Defendry thousands of dollars. 

"Grant & Taylor are truly experts in their craft of putting compelling ads in front of the right people. They've helped us at Defendry to bring in leads consistently and continually refine our messaging to tell the right story. It's an honor to have them on our team."
Kyle malkin
DIrector of Marketing
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