A Man Builds a Shelter. A Team Builds a City.

As a small consultancy, we believe close collaboration with our clients is a key component to producing sustainable and effective marketing strategies. Designed to serve as your fractional CMO or marketing manager, we strive to operate as a member of your internal team, thus breathing transparency into our work and driving the highest levels of collaboration. 

We aim to deeply immerse ourselves in your team and project 
Intimate Project Management
If you think Slack is great, wait until you try Ryver. This innovative and robust project management platform allows teams to easily stay in touch and manage projects effectively with instant messaging, voice calls, screen sharing, and task management. 
Highly Responsive Team Managers
We believe your marketing partner should operate as an extension of your team, and given the speed in which marketing plans can change, we emphasize speed and responsiveness in every project we work on. 
Comprehensive Campaign Findings & Key Insights Reports
We focus on the data that truly matters to uncover the key insights and findings that drive optimization and unlock new opportunities. 
Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Dashboard Reporting
We heard CEOs dig data, so we offer dynamic dashboard reporting of all pertinent campaign and website data through Google Data Studios.
Weekly Team Meetings
Marketing is better when you’re informed. We offer weekly meetings to discuss ongoing marketing activities and campaigns while brainstorming future strategies and tactics to drive conversions. 
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“Working with Taylor & Grant has helped our business jumpstart our marketing and grow revenue. They seamlessly integrated themselves into our marketing team, and immediately began collaborating with key company personnel to streamline priority projects and drive leads.”

Ryan Fox
VP of Marketing
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