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How we cost-effectively built Stoovo’s app waiting list prior to launch


Stoovo is a fintech app designed to help gig workers optimize their work schedules and reach their financial goals through personalized insights, emergency cash advances, and banking. In preparation for their public launch, Stoovo wanted to build a waitlist of potential users to nurture and prime for app installs.
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The Goal

Stoovo’s goal was to attract active and prospective gig workers to join their app waiting list and eventually convert those waitlist sign-ups into installs upon Stoovo’s official launch.
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The Strategy

Duo Strategy designed a social media advertising strategy that leveraged Stoovo’s cash card to drive interest and sign-ups. We then developed the email marketing strategy and messaging to nurture new sign-ups and build anticipation around Stoovo’s launch.

Results with duo Strategy

Stoovo surpassed their monthly acquisition goal by more than 230% while increasing their follower counts and engagement levels across social media. Duo Strategy successfully achieved a <$1.00 cost per email submission by utilizing Facebook and Instagram advertising and identifying the most cost-effective audience segments through our test-centric methodology.


Cost per waiting list signup


Monthly Acquisition Goal


Avg. Email Open Rate

"The Duo Strategy team exceeded our expectations. Their patience, communication level, and thorough planning helped us surpass our monthly acquisition goal by more than 230%! They understood our ideas and user acquisition objectives, strategized around it, and broke it down into mini-milestones. After building our growth from the ground up, Taylor and Grant didn't stop there. They always made sure to find opportunities to improve our processes; they bring creativity and consistency while tackling initiatives. The Duo Strategy team is by far the most versatile and effective marketing team Stoovo has worked with."

Hantz Févry, Founder & CEO of Stoovo
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