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How we helped Medflyt increase lead generation and solidify their marketing funnel


Medflyt, an innovative and emerging provider of home care management software, knew it possessed a key differentiator from other competitors in the market, yet growth remained stagnant due to inconsistent sales processes and a lack of marketing initiatives. In order to reach their growth goals, Medflyt would need to expand their marketing efforts and develop a sustainable strategy for lead generation.
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The Goal

Medflyt’s goal was to increase the monthly number of qualified leads while uncovering the most cost-effective marketing avenues to scale growth. Additionally, Medflyt sought to put in place a marketing partner that could take ownership of these unique challenges while freeing up time for in-house resources to focus on product development.
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The Strategy

Duo Strategy designed a multi-channel digital marketing strategy that leveraged email marketing, social media advertising, search engine marketing, and LinkedIn automation to cost-effectively engage new prospects, educate them on Medflyt’s unique product offering, and convert them into 1-on-1 demos. Duo Strategy utilized webinars and free courses to engage new prospective clients while implementing single keyword ad groups across Google Ads to capture high-intent searches and cost-effectively compete with other enterprise competitors in the space.

Results with duo Strategy

Medflyt significantly increased the volume of qualified leads, while also improving conversion rates across marketing landing pages. Duo Strategy successfully decreased cost per lead by leveraging low-cost digital marketing avenues such as email marketing and LinkedIn automation, while utilizing single keyword ad groups across Google Ads.


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“Working with Grant and Taylor has opened up and created a whole new world for Medflyt. For anyone looking to expand their business and create new opportunities with a team of hands-on experts that have a full 360-degree view of all marketing tools — including social media advertising, web design & development, SEM, marketing automation, email marketing, and content creation — I highly recommend working with Duo Strategy. For Medflyt, it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve made as a company.”

Omer Klein, CEO of Medflyt
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