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The Results

100 x

Increase in leads in the first month of campaigns


average conversion rate across Facebook & Instagram

5 x

ROAS (return on ad spend) in the first 3 months

The Challenge

After establishing their own law firm focused on employment and consumer law, King & Siegel found themselves faced with a question nearly all businesses experience in their quest to maximize profits — how do we create a sustainable and steady stream of incoming leads? And more specifically, how do we increase the number of leads for high value cases that fall within our areas of expertise?

The Solution

 In order to generate highly qualified pregnancy discrimination leads and establish baseline campaign metrics, we implemented the following strategy over a brief test period:

  • Ran paid social ads on Facebook and Instagram
  • Tested several different ad messages and creative images to uncover the best performing concepts
  • Utilized multiple audience-targeting methods to test the effectiveness of different target groups 
  • Designed and developed conversion oriented landing page to generate new leads and test against leads submitted directly on Facebook/Instagram
  • Monitored and periodically refined marketing efforts to optimize ad spend and decrease cost per lead
"Duo Strategy helped us jumpstart both our digital and print marketing, while refining who we were as a brand. Taylor and Grant are flexible, efficient, and always looking for ways to help."
Julian King | Partner, King & Siegel LLP

In order to test our hypothesis that lead quality increases as the number of actions needed to submit a lead form increases, we developed a conversion-oriented landing page to test against leads generated directly on Facebook/Instagram. Designed to optimize the customer journey from advertisement to lead submission, while reinforcing King & Siegel’s brand identity, early data trends suggest landing page leads to be more responsive and likely to engage than leads generated directly on Facebook/Instagram — and thus can be deemed “more qualified”.

150,000+ Impressions | 100+ Leads Created | 6.02% Conversion Rate

As the largest social media platform in the world with robust and unique targeting capabilities, Facebook proved to be an extremely effective platform for engaging women who have experienced some form of pregnancy discrimination. Equipped with a multitude of ad messages and creative images, the campaign successfully generated over 100 qualified leads, while laying the framework for an optimized campaign designed to minimize cost per lead. 

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Project Snapshot
  • King & Siegel LLP
  • March 24, 2019
  • Strategy & Execution
  • Los Angeles, CA
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