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How we helped Defendry uncover the channels to deploy life saving tech


Defendry’s AI-powered surveillance solution for businesses, schools, and houses of worship is emblematic of the future of security. This adaptive technology will eventually be found all across the world as we search for more effective ways to protect people from crime and gun-related violence. However, despite Defendry’s innovative life-saving technology, the relative newness of their solution has made generating leads and sales difficult.
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The Goal

Defendry’s goal was to gain a more thorough understanding of their target audience and their pain points, while identifying the most cost effective channels to generate brand awareness and sales leads.
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The Strategy

Over the course of three months, Duo Strategy implemented several test-centric initiatives designed to uncover the most effective marketing channels, creative assets, messaging, and tactics. Notable channels tested include Google PPC, YouTube, Google Display, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The Results

Defendry successfully increased lead submissions by over 1,100% over the course of the engagement and identified a key business strategy as a result of the initiatives. In total the test campaigns generated over 600 leads and 250,000 video views, while providing the feedback necessary to power data-driven brand development and messaging.


lead increase in first 3 months


FB & LI lead conversion rate

<$10.00 CPL

Social Media CPL

Grant & Taylor are truly experts in their craft of putting compelling ads in front of the right people. They've helped us at Defendry to bring in leads consistently and continually refine our messaging to tell the right story. It's an honor to have them on our team.

Kyle Malkin, Director of Marketing, Defendry
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