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Omer Klein
“Working with Grant and Taylor has opened up and created a whole new world for MedFlyt. I quickly found myself working with Grant and Taylor on all things marketing. Anyone looking to expand their business and create new opportunities with a team of hands-on experts that have a full 360 degree view of all marketing tools — including social media advertising, web design & development, SEM, marketing automation, email marketing, and content creation — I highly recommend working with Duo Strategy. For MedFlyt, it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve made as a company.”
Co-Founder, Head of Product
Julian King
"Duo has allowed us to identify our ideal client, provide them with relevant content, and engage with them. Since working with Duo, we have more qualified leads than we can service. Putting Duo in control of marketing frees us up to spend our time providing even better service to our existing client base. Taylor and Grant are attuned to the needs of our business and we have had a great experience working with them."
Co-Founder, General Partner
Kyle Malkin
"Grant & Taylor are truly experts in their craft of putting compelling ads in front of the right people. They've helped us at Defendry to bring in leads consistently and continually refine our messaging to tell the right story. It's an honor to have them on our team."
Director of Marketing
Ethan Glass
"Duo Strategy helped us jumpstart both our digital and print marketing, while refining who we were as a brand. Taylor and Grant are flexible, efficient, and always looking for ways to help."

Founder, CEO
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