Analysis & Optimization

Analysis & Optimization

Data-Driven Decisions Fuel Our Marketing Efforts

We rely on data to drive our decision making at every step of the process. Through extensive research & analysis of your competitors and industry, we’re able to identify strategies and methods to drive high performing marketing campaigns and maximize ROI. 

We DO NOT Make Assumptions

As your grandmother used to say, “the proof is in the pudding”. Here at Duo, we adhere by the principle and utilize campaign data to power optimization and detect insights that fuel future marketing endeavors and scaling. 

Campaign Findings & Key Insights Reports
We focus on the data that truly matters to uncover the key insights and findings that drive optimization and unlock new opportunities. 
Industry & Competitor Research
Research & analysis of your top competitors’ marketing activity to inform initial strategy and gain an understanding of market fit. 
Keyword Research
Understanding which keywords your customers use when searching for your product or service is a key (pun intended) element to crafting compelling ad messaging and a successful targeting strategy.
Regression Analysis
A regression analysis examines the relationship between two variables, and more specifically, how one or more independent variables influence a dependent variable. An example of this would be to examine the relationship between ad spend and conversions. At Duo, we use regression analyses to gain a deeper understanding of what drives campaign success, thus allowing us to isolate the most valuable variables.
Conversion Rate Optimization
In the end, all marketing comes down to conversions. If you can’t get conversions, you probably shouldn’t be marketing. Therefore, we consistently evaluate and refine key marketing assets that drive convertible actions, so your business can rest assured knowing in the end... Your marketing strategy drives conversions. 
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analysis & Optimization

“Duo Strategy did a great job of showing us how to optimize our digital marketing campaigns to reduce cost per conversion. If you need someone to look at the data and figure out what to do next, the Duo guys are your guys.” 

Jeff Kerber
Chief Executive Officer
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